Welcome to the P.E.P.
after-school program. We are a non-profit
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sports and enrichment classes.

Personal Enrichment Program, Inc.
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1. What is Personal Enrichment Program (P.E.P.)?
We are a non- profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is founded on the premise that we strongly believe in the benefit of after school sports and extra curricular activities for children of ALL ages.

2. Are late buses available for everyone on Tuesdays and Thursdays?
Any student that usually takes the school bus to and from school, is allowed to take the late bus home. The late buses are provided Tuesdays and Thursdays only. The late buses usually leave Revere M.S. around 4:00pm.

3. Do the students need to be picked up immediately after their class or practice is over?
Supervision will be provided by West Valley Youth Services until 6:00pm in the P.E. area Monday- Thursday, while school is in session. All students will be directed to the P.E. area when class/practice is over, where there will be supervised by Youth Services personnel.

4. Where should I pick up my child?
In order to ensure a safe campus, we ask that all students participating in the after-school program be picked up in the P.E. area (gymnasium). Students will not be allowed to wait at the front of school (on Allenford Ave.).

5. Is my child guaranteed a spot in a sport/class as long as I we turned in the registration form?
While we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible, turning in a completed registration form will not guarantee a spot for your child in their first choice. With the exception of Competitive Team Sports, classes and sports are filled in the order that a completed registration form and payment are received.  For Competitive Team Sports, participants need to attend tryouts and then be selected for the team by the coach.  If a participant cannot attend tryouts, prior arrangements must be made with the coach or P.E.P. administrative staff.      

6. Will the team sports participate against teams from outside the school?
Yes!!! The athletic director has already scheduled many games against neighboring schools and club teams in several sports. These games are played during the week and on weekends after school either at our home site, or at local schools and parks.  Students and parents are responsible to provide transportation to and from away games.  P.E.P. is not responsible and will not provide transportation for these events.  

7.  Why do Competitive Sports cost more than other classes/sports?
There are many more expenses involved with Competitive Sports than other activities.   These include official/referee fees, paying coaches for games, league entrance fees, equipment fees, and uniforms.  In most Competitive Sports, participants will keep the uniforms after the season is completed.  

8. Who decides the instructional content of the classes?
The content of the after school classes are based on the teacher and students' individual interests. Curriculum and course content must be approved by the PEP administration but is ultimately at the discretion of the qualified instructor in charge of the activity, sport, or class.

9. Does the program provide tutoring?
Tutoring is provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 -3:30 free of charge, by the school district. All interested students need to see Ms. Uchida in Room M-2 for room assignment.  Tutoring is not a part of P.E.P.

10. 5 Reasons why P.E.P. is right for Revere
1) We run a successful, organized, fun-filled program. 2) By being faculty driven, we are in a position to generate a great deal of enthusiasm for the program by way of the students and teachers. 3) Funds and donations are channeled back into the program. 4) We provide an introduction to High-school sports for High School bound 8th graders! 5) We have a vested interest in the lives of the students.

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